In Good Company

From national to international brands, Justin has partnered with clients to become bigger and brighter stars. Hear from those that have worked with him in a professional setting.

Justin and his team were professional with thoughtful attention to detail in creating a brand and website for The Illumination Experience Tour that was artistically unique and easy to navigate. Justin easily understood our creative esthetic and then knocked it out of the park with the visuals. Our site was even nominated for multiple awards. We value exceptional caliber design as an integral asset to pull off our high end esthetic and unique way of educating film professionals.

Shane Hurlbut ASC Hollywood Cinematographer, CEO Hurlbut Visuals

Justin is probably the most detail-oriented and highly organized project manager and designer that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He was truly the model of someone who not only possesses creative prowess but can manage multiple deliverables without missing a beat. Incredible attention to detail combined with strong communications skills brought my brand to new heights.

Adam Epstein Saturday Night Live, Editor

Justin is not only a very talented designer with a great sense of form & function but he possesses an even more critical component for me: he has a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with. I brought Justin a vague design idea and he did exactly what I hoped: he manifested the concept seamlessly through my entire production, elevating the design beyond my expectation.

Alex Buono Saturday Night Live, Director of Photography

Justin walks the impossible tightrope of being dependable and hardworking yet also personable and simply a joy to be around. It is rare to find someone that is not only incredible at their job, but also simply a pleasure to work with. He lightens up every meeting and is extraordinarily compassionate; Justin was always first to ensure everyone was on the same page, doing well, and ready to tackle any blockers together. No matter the size of the project, Justin tackles every task with gravitas and keen skill. 

He never settles and is always eager to learn more, do more, and continually improve upon past successes. Justin is always happy to help and jump into any project; his subject matter expertise always drove the engagements well past the expected finish line. I hope to work together again soon!

Victoria Craven Google, Account Manager

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Justin at both MZED and Grafik. At both companies, he was a senior designer while I worked on the digital/marketing strategy side of the house. Justin is a true unicorn in the design world, as he is able to communicate with clients in a friendly, yet efficient manner. He’s able to digest a client’s complex list of asks and balance that effectively with strategy recommendations- delivering a product that is not only pleasing to the client but also one that is capable of meeting and exceeding set KPIs.

After working in the digital marketing space for the past 10 years, I have yet to work with another designer that is as talented and personable as Justin. His work ethic and his relentless commitment to striving for the best possible product is what makes him an ideal choice for any business looking to improve the design of their business.

Aiman Ahmed National Geographic, Manager of Digital Strategy

Justin is hardworking, dependable and easy to work with. One of the most difficult things to develop with your team is trust and Justin has consistently shown the initiative to push himself and deliver on whatever challenges come his way.

Sun Yun Grafik, VP Experience Design

Justin was the senior designer on several different projects and accounts that I managed at Grafik Marketing Communications. Regardless of medium, deadline, or scope, Justin provided a high level of design aesthetic, user experience, and collaboration that exceeded my high expectations on a consistent basis. He is a double threat, bringing high end design and gold star client service.

His design aesthetic is not cookie cutter, and is thought through: he takes into consideration the target audience’s journey on the websites he designs. He executes designs to follow through that journey, which helped our clients understand how the visual application would help deliver on their goals. He showed a high level of patience and intelligence, walking me and our clients through this process. He goes above and beyond, looking for relatable ways to explain industry jargon to clients, which truly positively influences the end product.

Justin also is very collaborative at his core. He manifests an agile framework, understanding that design elements and the usability of a site does not end once the files leave his hands; he worked closely with our digital and development teams, ensuring that our clients’ brands were thoughtfully considered through each step of the process. It is a pleasure working with Justin, and I look forward to our next partnership.

Esther Nardone Grafik, Director of Client Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Justin very closely on many occasions bringing local and national brands to life at Grafik. His ability to understand and translate what’s possible from a development standpoint into striking and engaging designs is unrivaled. Definitely a value add to any interactive design team. Highly recommended.

Matthew Keith Grafik, Senior Director of Technology