In Good Company

Having collaborated with national, international, commercial, and government brands, Justin has consistently helped his clients shine brighter and achieve greater success. Hear from those who have had the opportunity to work with him in a professional capacity.

Justin and his team showcased professionalism and meticulous attention to detail for our brand and digital products. Their work was artistically unique and user-friendly, aligning perfectly with our creative vision. Justin’s ability to grasp our concept led to visuals that surpassed expectations, earning our site nominations for multiple awards. We highly value Justin’s exceptional design caliber, crucial for our high-end aesthetic and innovative approach to educating film professionals.

Shane Hurlbut Hollywood Cinematographer

Justin stands out as the most detail-oriented and highly organized project manager and designer I’ve worked with. His creative prowess and ability to manage multiple deliverables simultaneously set him apart. With incredible attention to detail and strong communication skills, Justin elevated my brand to new heights.

Adam Epstein Saturday Night Live

Justin’s talent as a designer is matched only by his positive attitude and collaborative approach. He effortlessly translated my vague design idea into a seamless production, exceeding my expectations at every turn. His great sense of form and function, combined with his pleasant demeanor, make him a joy to work with.

Alex Buono Saturday Night Live, Director of Photography

Justin effortlessly balances being dependable and hardworking with being personable and enjoyable to work with. He approaches every task with gravitas and keen skill, regardless of its size. Justin’s continuous desire to learn and improve ensures that he never settles for anything less than excellence.

Victoria Craven Google, Partnership Lead

In the design world, Justin is a true unicorn, seamlessly balancing friendly communication with efficient project management. His ability to understand complex client requests and provide strategic recommendations sets him apart. After a decade in digital marketing, I’ve yet to encounter another designer as talented and personable as Justin.

Aiman Ahmed National Geographic, Director

Justin is hardworking, dependable, and collaborative, making him easy to work with. Building trust within a team is challenging, but Justin consistently shows initiative and delivers on every challenge.

Sun Yun Grafik, VP Experience Design

Justin consistently delivered a high level of design aesthetic, user experience, and collaboration that exceeded expectations. His ability to explain industry jargon to clients in relatable ways positively influences the end product. Justin’s agile approach ensures that design elements and usability are continually refined.

Esther Nardone Grafik, Director of Client Services

I’ve had the pleasure of closely collaborating with Justin on numerous projects at Grafik, where he consistently brings local and national brands to life. His unmatched ability to translate development possibilities into engaging designs makes him a valuable asset to any interactive design team. Justin comes highly recommended for his exceptional skills and contributions.

Matthew Keith Grafik, Senior Director of Technology