Alone Mongolia

Alone is a show on the History Channel where 10 contestants are dropped in separate locations in a remote area with only 10 survival items of their choosing. They can call and be evacuated at anytime for emergencies or if they want to give up. These competitors are very strong in their fields of survival expertise and are put through tough physical and emotional tests daily.

The last one left standing at the end is rewarded with $500,000. The latest season has recently premiered and being a huge fan of the show, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to see what I could conceptualize for the show’s microsite in one day. I wanted to use the recently updated logo as a starting off point, showing there are different perspectives to solve different survival solutions. I also wanted it to be more rugged and inline with the show’s brand. I was interested in giving the current site a fresh perspective, relying on my love for the outdoors and design.