Baltimore's Best Health Club Making Maryland Healthier Since 1977

Merritt Clubs, Baltimore’s Best Health Club for four years, has been promoting wellness in Maryland since 1977. With nine community-focused locations, they underwent a comprehensive rebranding, including a revamped website that improved experiences for current members and attracted new customers.

As the lead designer, I spearheaded the transformation of the bold new brand into a distinctive digital experience, overseeing tasks such as information architecture, wireframing, page design, and development management. Following the brand launch, Merritt Clubs achieved remarkable outcomes, including an improved website experience and a more targeted marketing approach. They witnessed a significant 44% increase in overall lead volume compared to the previous year, along with remarkable year-over-year growth in key performance indicators (KPIs), such as a 39% surge in lead generation, a 37% rise in website visitors, and a 28% increase in page views.

2018 REBRAND Winner

Merritt Clubs